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Escape, arrive, leave the daily grind far behind, rejuvenate.

In our wellness area with sauna, whirlpool, steam bath, infrared cabin, relaxation room and outdoor access, you will be able to reenergize faster than you ever thought possible.

And of course, use of the wellness area is included in the price. For an additional charge, you are also welcome to take advantage of our tanning beds as well as our Brainlight Relaxation Bed.

NEW since Winter 2018/2019

Outdoor sauna with dog area:
Through a panoramic window besides a grandiose view, dog owners can always watch their dog in his kennel!

Relaxing Wellness Treatments

  • Classic full-body massage (ca. 50 min) from € 60
  • Classic partial massage (25 min) € 39
  • Vitality massage - after sports & activities (ca. 40 min) € 52
  • Aroma oil massage - for relaxation (ca. 40 min) € 52
  • Foot reflexology massage (30 min) € 41
  • Lymph drainage - feet (ca. 50 min) € 63
  • Herb stamp massage (ca. 50 min) € 80
  • Herb stamp massage (ca. 25 min) € 50
  • Reiki: The laying on of hands removes inner blockages and activates your body's own self-healing powers (ca. 45 min) € 55
  • Kinesiology: Become one with body, mind and soul, discover renewed strength (ca. 1.5 hr.) € 78
  • Numerology: Draw up your personal birth pentagram and understand your body better (ca. 1 hr.) € 58
  • Angel Meditation: Angels need your permission to actively participate in your life. € 28
  • Angelreadings: Price depending on duration
  • Energy Color Breath: Clean and re-activate your chakras (30 min) € 38

If you are interested in additional services, please make a note of them in the "Miscellaneous" section of our enquiry form.
If you have any additional wishes we haven't addressed, please let us know what they are! We will do our best to fulfill them all.

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