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Avoiding conflicts with grazing animals


  • In general, you should not get too close to animals in summer, nor should you pet or feed them. When the next hiker comes along, cattle might become more aggravated.
  • If animals stare at you and become fixated even from a distance, it's better to make a small detour and keep away, especially if young animals are involved. 
  • Don't panic and don't run away! If a cow adopts an attack posture (head lowered, snorting, intense stare), remain calm!
  • Never look a cow directly in the eyes. However, while still facing the cow, move slowly out of the danger zone. Don't turn your back on grazing animals.
  • In an absolute emergency, you can fend off the cow by striking its sensitive nose with your hiking pole.


  • Please also read the section about "Hiking with your family"!
  • Keep your dog on the leash and prevent him from getting too close to the herd or even trying to chase the animals. Dogs are occasionally seen as potential enemies, especially around young animals, and are often attacked by the mothers.
  • If you stick to these rules and avoid open grazing areas with your dog, the probability of getting into a conflict situation with a grazing animal is very low.
  • If, however, you and your dog are attacked by a cow: let your dog off the leash. Your four-legged pal is quick and agile, and will generally be able to get away from the cow without a problem - at the same time, he will draw the cow's attention away from you, allowing you to move to safety.

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The folder "Alpine pastures aren't a petting zoo" contains great tips on how to behave around grazing animals.

Behave correctly around grazing cattle

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