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Current Seminars at Landhotel Almfrieden

We are more than happy to offer herb and Reiki seminars by arrangement!
Participants also receive documentation to accompany each of the courses.

Reiki Seminars

"Reiki - universal life energy" is a healing technique which, by laying on hands, activates and balances the chakras, allowing your self-healing powers to achieve their full effect.

1.5-hour Courses

  • Meditation for beginners
  • Restoring strength for daily life
  • Angel meditation
  • Energy breathing
Herbs, vegetables and fruit

Fee € 25 to € 45

Your Path to becoming a Master

  • During 1st-degree training, you will be initiated into 4 ways to open your channel to the divine.
  • This will also enable you to share Reiki with other people, animals and plants.
"Master Car"

Limited participation fee € 160
Begins: 03.06.2017 at 3 p.m.,
Ends: 04.06.2017 at ca. 6 p.m.

Herb Seminars

Since October 2014, our Doris has been a genuine "Herb Witch".

True to her motto "If flowers could speak,
they would tell us of love", her goal is to share as much knowledge as possible about wild herbs with others!

"Seminars with our Herb Witch" - if you book a 2-day seminar, for the one overnight in between you will receive
10% off the regular room at Landhotel Almfrieden!

Identifying and using wild herbs  

  • Fascinating information about herbs and fruits that detoxify and strengthen our body 
  • Interesting recipes - cooking with herbs
  • Make your own herbal creams and oils, etc. 
Identify wild herbs

Participation limited, course fee € 159
incl. 3 products to take with you
Begins: 01.07.2017 at 2:30 and runs until ca. 7 p.m.
Ends: 02.07.2017 from 9 a.m. until ca. 4:30 p.m.

Herb Seminar "Alpine Freshness"

  • Pamper your skin with natural products.
  • Counteract toxins that are absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes due to skin creams, tooth paste etc.!
  • Discussion of various recipes, create your own massage oil.
Meadow of wild herbs with the Dachstein in the background

Lasts ca. 1.5 hours, fee € 45

Also possible: Make shower gel, lip balms (charged extra)

Make Green Smoothies

  • So, why exactly is "green stuff" so important for our body?
  • Spinach, salads, wild herbs etc. are the most nutritious food sources on our planet.
  • Together, we will pluck various wild herbs that we will later use to make a green smoothie.
A homemade green smoothie

Lasts ca. 50 minutes, fee € 30

Herbal Essences according to Dr. Bach

  • Dandelion shares its strength with you
  • Borage is balsam for the heart
  • Red clover restores calm and centeredness in the midst of a hectic, hysterical world (just a few examples).
Create herbal essences

Lasts ca. 1.5 hours, fee € 45

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