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Early Bird Discount

Suggestions for Your Wedding Menu - on your special day

We would also be more than happy to offer you a menu tailored to your personal wishes.


Wedding Soup                                                                                                         € 5.30

Ramsauer bacon dumpling soup                                                                         € 5.00

Carrot-ginger soup                                                                                                 € 4.70

Frittaten soup                                                                                                          € 4.30

Cheese soup with brown bread croutons                                                          € 5.00

Cep cream soup                                                                                                      € 5.00

Main dishes

Tranche from Beiried to port with potato gratin and broccoli                     € 22.00

Beef filet in pistachio coat, french dauphine and mushroom sauce           € 32.00

Pork fillet wrapped in bacon with vegetable bouquette,
Rösti and green pepper sauce                                                                            € 19.90

Fried char fillet of sage tagliatelle, vegetables Julienne
and Riesling sauce                                                                                                € 18.90

or trout                                                                                                                   € 17.90

Roasted salmon fillet on truffled mashed potatoes,
Saffron Sauce and Sugar Peas Scots                                                                 € 18.90

Roasted redfish fillet with rucolarisotto,
Garlic sauce and artichokes                                                                                € 19.90


Variation of strudel with herb sauce and garden vegetables                       € 14.30

Carrot Oatmeal loaf with tomato risotto and Chive sauce                            € 15.40

Asparagus with this year's potato with hollandaise sauce                            € 14.30


"Almfrieden sweet seduction" dessert buffet                                                    € 8.30

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