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Avoiding Conflict with Grazing Animals

Hiking with Your Family

  • In general, you should never get too close to animals in summer. Do not try to stroke or feed them. This might also make the animal more agitated when the next hiker comes along.

  • If the animals seem fixated on you, even from a distance, it's better to make a small detour and keep your distance, especially if young animals are involved.

  • Don't panic and don't run away! If a cow adopts an aggressive posture (lowers its head, snorts more loudly, looks at you intensely), stay calm!

  • Never look a cow straight in the eye, but keep facing the animal as you move out of the danger zone. Never turn your back on grazing animals.

  • Only in an absolute emergency situation, you may defend yourself by using your hiking stick to strike the cow on its sensitive nose.

Hiking with a Dog

  • Please also read the points to the left about "Hiking with Your Family"!

  • Keep your dog on a leash and prevent it from approaching the herd too closely or chasing the animals. Dogs are often seen as potential enemies, especially by young livestock, and may be attacked by mother animals.

  • If you adhere to these rules and avoid open grazing areas with your dog, the chances of getting into a conflict situation with a grazing animal are very small.

  • If, despite these precautions, you or your dog are attacked by a grazing animal, your four-legged companion is fast and agile, and should be able to avoid the cow without a problem - at the same time, your dog will draw the cow's attention away from you, giving you an opportunity to calmly escape to safety.

Downloadable Folder with Important Information

Info folder about safety around grazing animals
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