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Barrier-Free Hiking Tips 

Walk "Panorama-Allee West"

  • Difficulty: Beautiful, sunny and almost level path with marvelous panoramas.
  • Trail Time: ca. 3 to 4 hours for the complete tour with wheelchair
  • No. of Companions: 1-2 recommended
Barrier-free hike
  • Route: From the event center to the Protesant church, past the cemetery towards the Knollhof. A beautiful, wide and pram-friendly meadow path leads through larch forest to the Grahhof (oldest fully preserved Salzburg-style farmhouse), then continues along lanes lined by maple and rowan trees to the toll gate on the Dachstein Road. In between, you are regularly treated to very beautiful views of the Schladminger Tauern range (dominated by the Steirische Kalkspitze) and the southern flank of the Scheichenspitze, as well as the Dachstein's 3 peaks (Hoher Dachstein, Mitterspitz and Torstein). Now downhill alongside the stream until you meet up with the Tannenweg at the foot of the Rittisberg. Make your way to the left through Ramsau, along the forest's edge and past "Ramsau Beach" (swimming lake) before finally returning to the town of Ramsau.

Planai Panorama Tour

  • Difficulty: Easy hike around the summit of the Planai, up- and downhill in parts
  • Trail Time: ca. 1 hour without wheelchair, with wheelchair somewhat longer
  • No. of Companions: 1-2 people
A place of reflection
  • Route: Either drive or ride the gondola up the Planai. When entering the gondola, be sure to check whether the wheelchair will fit in the door, or whether the person will have to get out of the wheelchair first and the wheelchair folded.
  • Tip: We recommend starting this tour at the Planaihof or, if the snow is completely gone, from the ski path next to the Weidmoosalm in the direction of the Mitterhaus, since it is relatively flat and there is a forestry road (recommended by one of the lift crew).
  • Recommendation: We also recommend attaching slings to the wheelchair so it doesn't roll away when going downhill.

Waldhäuslalm via the Sondlalm to the Riesach Waterfall car park 

  • Difficulty: Beautiful, variety-rich stage of the "Wild Waters" theme path.
  • Trail Time: ca. 1 hour without wheelchair
  • No. of Companions: At least 1-3 people for the steeper sections
Wild Waters, Riesachfall
  • Route: After the Waldhäuslalm, make a right and cross the bridge in the direction of the Sondlalm. It is relatively flat until there. Only the last stage just before the hut involves making your way downhill about 100 meters. After the hut, briefly uphill, then a lengthier stage downhill once again. Then, essentially straight to the Angerer bridge. From there, a short stretch along a forest path before coming to a narrow wooden bridge. Just before reaching the bridge, you will need to climb extremely steeply uphill for about 3 meters. After the bridge, you can follow the road to the car park for Riesachsee Waterfall. Then, you can either return on foot (Please note!! On the way back, you will have to contend with steep stages before and after the Sondlalm) or by bus.
  • Tip: We absolutely recommend attaching slings to help pull the wheelchair.

Ursprungalm Tour

  • Difficulty: Easy hike around the Kulmberg
  • Trail Time: ca. 25 min for the complete tour, not with wheelchair
  • No. of Companions: The tour can be completed relatively easily with 1-2 people to assist
Ursprungalm at the foot of the Steirische Kalkspitze
  • Route: You will set out from behind the Ursprungalm – at the trail sign for the "Rundweg", make a right. The path is relatively flat, with just a few up- and downhill stretches. You will have to cross a number of small bridges / streams.


  • Difficulty: Beautiful, sunny and variety-filled gravel road.
  • Trail Time: ca. 3 hours for the complete tour with wheelchair.
  • No. of Companions: at least 3 people per wheelchair
Having fun at the Sonnenalm
  • Route: A good gravel road leads from the tow lift on the Rittisberg to the Sonnenalm. The path is only recommended for lightweight wheelchair users and strong helpers, since the road is very steep in parts.
  • Tip: We absolutely recommend attaching slings to help pull the wheelchair. Even with children in the wheelchair, this route is very strenuous.

Smelter Tour

  • Difficulty: Somewhat bumpy hike in the footsteps of miners of old
  • Trail Time: ca. 40 min without wheelchair
  • No. of Companions: 1-2 helpers are a must
Smelter Tour
  • Route: Park your car at the Holdalm, then begin by heading towards the smelter. There, you will encounter a rather bumpy path, though it is do-able with assistance. From the smelter now in the direction of the Wehrhofalm, steep in parts. The path from the Wehrhofalm back to the Holdalm is relatively flat and manageable with assistance. (The path begins next to the Moosmandlweg).
  • Tip: As an alternative to the steep stage, you can also make your way from the Holdalm to the Wehrhofalm along the road, then return via the flat section of the semelter path. (In other words, not past the smelter)
  • Recommendation: We also recommend attaching slings to the wheelchair, making it easier to pull it uphill.
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